In-Plant Noise Enclosures

Sound Seal Noise Enclosures can be floor-, ceiling-, wall-, or floor-mounted, or even suspended from a roof deck. No matter their installation method, one thing is for sure—industrial noise will be substantially reduced once they are introduced into a space.

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In-Plant Noise Enclosure Products

Complete Sound Curtain Systems

Sound Seal’s sound curtain systems offer significant noise reduction with high STC and NRC acoustical ratings. They can be supplied as a partial or complete enclosure around noisy industrial equipment including; Compressors, Pumps, Generators, Blowers, Fans, Granulators, Presses

Also suitable for larger complete enclosures including: Manufacturing equipment, Test Chambers, Machinery Enclosures

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Standard Floor-Mounted Enclosure

This permanent/fixed option is a great choice to use around stationary equipment on a production floor or loud equipment near a production office. Available in two sizes, this flexibility allows you to choose the option that fits your needs to surround machinery in your facility, for example, blowers, compressors, dust collectors, granulators, etc.


1. Base Plates
2. Double Track for Access
3. Corner Connectors
4. Columns
5. BBC-13-2" or BSC-25 Panel

6. Option: Clear Vinyl Full Width Window
7. Option: Roof with Valance
8. Option: Roof Top Vent Baffle
9. Option: Side Vent Baffle

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Standard Portable Enclosure

Our three-sided standard portable enclosures work well around compressors, units near a wall, and loud, portable equipment that needs to be moved frequently. When two portable enclosures are used together, a larger, 4-sided unit can be created.

1. Built-in Locking Casters
2. Rugged Tubular Steel Frame
3. BBC-13-2" or BSC-25 Panel

4. Option: Clear Vinyl Full Width Window
5. Option: Roof
6. Option: Roof Top Vent Baffle
7. Option: Side Vent Baffle

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