Acoustic Wall & Ceiling Panels

Sound Seal's Acoustical Wall Panels are the solution for areas that require noise reduction and are available in a variety of models for various applications. These panels can be manufactured in any of the many attractive acoustic fabrics offered in the industry, including premium fabrics offered by Guilford of Maine & C.F. Stinson. They can also use any factory tested and approved C.O.M. fabric.

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Acoustical Wall & Ceiling Products


Manufactured with ECOSE® Technology & with 60% recycled content.

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Inspire Art Printed Panels

The perfect acoustic and aesthetic solution for various interior noise reducing applications.

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Chroma® Paintable Panels

Chroma paintable panels allow designers the flexibility to blend in or stand out when adding acoustic treatment to a space.

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S-2000 Standard Panels

Specifically designed as a multi-purpose absorber panel that offers an economical way to resolve reverberant noise problems.

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S-2100 High Impact Panels

Ideal for environments that need superior acoustical performance and resilience to high traffic areas.

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S-2500 Sound Barrier Panel

A composite barrier/absorber panel that offers both superior absorption and noise blocking performance.

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S-3000 Sound Barrier Panel

A flat reflector panel that is used in applications where sound reflection is necessary to enhance the rooms’ acoustics.

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S-3100 Tackable Wall Panel

A tackable wall panel that are easy to install and offer minimal sound absorption.

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S-4000 High Abuse Panel

A high abuse sound absorber panel that offers both excellent sound absorption and high durability.

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S-4200 Tuned Absorber

Blend of sound absorption & sound diffusion, these panels are a prime choice for schools, auditoriums, studios and performance halls.

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